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An appeal to the family of Brian McLaine:
Should any members of Brian McLaine’s family happen to come upon this website we ask them to refer to
Exhibit 61 and the Comments to that exhibit regarding a wholly untrue and gross libel made by Peter Risdon against Brian McLaine.

Peter Risdon

Peter Risdon

NAME: Peter William Risdon
DATE OF BIRTH: 5th October 1960
CURRENT WHEREABOUTS: 3 Townsend, Soham, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 5DD, UK

“Freeborn John”, “Voltaire”, “Norman Risdon”, “Grass”, “Peter Pedant”, “Two Zero”, “Susangalea”, “Bullseyed”.

Computer Consultant, Blogger, Registered and Paid Police Informer, Low-Level Informer for a number of other Governmental Agencies, Petty Criminal, Disqualified Company Director.


  • Supergrass and main prosecution witness in the Darius Guppy (‘DG’) / Benedict Marsh (‘BM’) Trial which took place at Snaresbrook Crown Court from October 1992 to February 1993.
  • By illegally tapping DG’s telephone (for which he was arrested, charged and cautioned) Peter Risdon obtained the transcripts of a conversation between DG and the young Boris Johnson (‘BJ’) which he later sold to an English tabloid and about which he has since bragged on a number of blogs, revelling in the attention (‘The Johnson Tapes’).
    Briefly, in that conversation DG is heard asking BJ (who was a journalist at the time) for help in locating a News of the World reporter who had been attempting to libel members of his family, the purpose being to give the journalist in question a good hiding.
    Much has been made of this conversation by certain political opponents of BJ in an attempt to embarrass him.

It is not the purpose of this narrative to argue the rights and wrongs of the matter. It is for the reader to judge whether wanting to beat up a piece of English tabloid scum for attempting to smear members of his family constitutes a moral outrage on DG’s part, or whether, in fact, it represents a perfectly normal, indeed commendable, reaction in the circumstances.

In one particular posting on a page on his website which he has since been forced to discontinue owing to libel proceedings that were initiated against him by DG, Peter Risdon recently threatened to post tape recordings that he had secretly made of DG, together with “mountains” of additional evidence. (Although he was unable to show anything when challenged to do so. See
Exhibit 52). He continued in typically delusional terms: “I have been showing considerable balance and restraint …Whether or not I continue to show restraint depends how irritated I get.”

As the reader will note, the majority of the evidence provided in this website dates back many years. That evidence could therefore have been widely disseminated up to roughly eighteen years ago. The fact that it has not been until now indicates where, in fact, the real ‘restraint’ has been located and suggests that the main intention of the authors of this website has not been simply to malign Mr Risdon. After all, why wait so long?

Rather, the principal aim of this site is to present the facts to any interested members of the public in view of certain ridiculous allegations, protestations of innocence and ‘explanations’ on the part of Peter Risdon posted on a number of blogs (including in recent years (See also
Exhibit 52).

Further investigations into Risdon’s background are on-going. These include an investigation into an armed robbery in which he allegedly participated as a young man in Scotland and evidence that is coming to light about his role as an informer for Governmental Agencies other than the police.

In addition, certain documents are in the process of being retrieved from archives. These include a number of police statements, copies of which are in our possession but have been marked up with solicitors’ comments. Unmarked copies will be scanned and posted in due course. There are also the transcripts of the DG/BM trial, together with extensive legal notes that amount to thousands of pages. The authors of this site have yet to decide whether to post them in their entirety or to post an abridged version that will focus on certain salient moments including Peter Risdon’s testimony.

Other documents relating to Risdon’s less-than-salubrious personal life have been withheld.

Having failed in a number of business and non-commercial ventures and in his personal life as well, and having been disqualified as a Company Director by the DTI in 2003 (See
Exhibits 50 & Exhibit 51), Peter Risdon has recently sought to re-invent himself variously as “Freeborn John” or “Voltaire” – a very English hero who stands up for the rights and freedoms of the British people against an increasingly authoritarian and centralised Government.

Curiously, Peter Risdon has seen no contradiction between adopting such a position on the one hand and bragging about employing tactics such as planting listening devices in his clients’ offices and being an informer for a number of Governmental agencies on the other.

Notably, at the time of the publication of cartoons that insulted the Prophet of IslamPeter Risdon - Defender of the People (Peace be upon Him) by a Danish newspaper, Peter Risdon organised a “March for Freedom of Expression” in Trafalgar Square (March 2006) that he anticipated would be equivalent in scope and scale to Anti-Vietnam War demonstrations that had occurred in the 1960s.

Sadly, the event was, to put it at its politest, something of an

More recently Risdon’s psychological incoherence has been demonstrated by his exposure as a blogger for the English Defence League who uses the pseudonym “Peter Pedant.” (See Exhibit 63). See also: This, despite the fact that he insists in numerous places that he “never” writes using anything other than his own name!

Now, while the authors of this site have no objection to the principle of allowing individuals to ‘move on’ and re-invent themselves, Peter Risdon’s error has been to post a number of ‘explanations’ in particular on a variety of blogs (including his own that constitute a combination of utter fabrication, silence regarding whole tracts of his past that are deemed too inconvenient and a complete glossing over what limited embarrassing facts he has chosen to disclose.

Moreover, his inclusion of certain allegations against DG that are so manifestly false has only compounded the problems for him; leading - for example - to his humiliating withdrawal of certain postings as well as to his making a payment to a charity of DG’s choice after DG launched libel proceedings against him. (See
Exhibit 53)

The authors of this site are all too aware just how easy it is to make up anything about anyone on the internet and they have scrupulously resisted any temptation to invent or embellish (unlike Peter Risdon) - sticking, instead, to the facts.

Moreover, and again unlike Peter Risdon, what claims they make are backed up by hard evidence, evidence that emanates not from Risdon’s opponents, but from independent and unconnected third parties, whether in the form of police interviews, police statements, statements from his former work colleagues, independent witnesses in criminal proceedings brought against him, DTI reports and so on. Indeed, some of the most damning evidence against him comes from Peter Risdon himself, whether in the form of police interviews, police statements, affidavits, blogs, newspaper articles, book reviews and so on.

To follow then, is a summary of Peter Risdon’s version of events set against the evidence.
The Fantasy and The Facts)

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