Exhibit 64

Ridson Tweet 1
Risdon Tweet 2


The Tweets above, written by Peter Risdon in his usual obsessive style as soon as The Spectator published an article written by DG regarding Boris Johnson, constitute yet further examples of his complete disregard for the truth.

Here Risdon writes two clear lies which are remarkable only for their stupidity.

First, that DG had “framed” him. Risdon is evidently highly embarrassed at having been exposed as a coward and a grass and his only psychological get-out is to argue that he had somehow been “framed” – an argument which is annihilated in
Exhibits 48, 49 & 62.

Nowhere was the slightest suggestion made by the Police, the Prosecution or the Courts that Risdon had been “framed.”

Second, that Risdon was unaware that bugging peoples’ phones was illegal. Indeed, Risdon claims that in 1990 when he bugged DG’s phone, such an activity was not against the law.

However, Risdon ran a small espionage company at the time and his practices, which included bugging his clients’ properties under the pretext that he was sweeping them for listening devices in the hope of being able to glean useful information which could be used against those clients, is dealt with in his former business partner, Brian McLaine’s, affidavit in
Exhibit 2.

Risdon knew precisely what the law was and that he was breaking it. It was his business to know. The argument that “phone tapping wasn’t illegal back then” as he puts it, is absurd.

He was even arrested and formally cautioned for it under the Interception of Telecommunications Act 1985!

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