Exhibit 63

Peter Pedant (Risdon) EDL page 8


This is an excerpt from a report prepared by the BNP regarding the English Defence League (the ‘EDL’).

The page in question exposes Peter Risdon as a blogger for the EDL who goes by the name of “Peter Pedant.”

The full report can be read at:


It should be remembered that in a comment written on Tim Worstall’s blog, Risdon has insisted that he never writes using aliases. His own words: “Yes, ‘fact checker’ was me, the only time I’ve used a false name like that.” (Our emphasis. See Exhibit 61, early on).

Not quite.

Risdon is caught out in the very same blog using the name ‘Anthony.’

He has also been caught out countless times posting blogs on his own website using female aliases and writing things like: “you’re so brave, Peter!”

His obsessive comments on various newspapers’ websites and Wikipedia regarding DG have also been noted. See
Exhibit 58.

Likewise he is caught out planting the lie on a Wikipedia page relating to Patrick Trevor Roper that he was single handedly responsible for “breaking the UK Opticians’ Monopoly.” See
Exhibit 60.

We have also seen him posting a ‘review’ on Amazon.com relating to DG’s autobiography using the alias ‘Unforgiven.’ See
Exhibit 49.

This is just one in a very long series of examples of Peter Risdon using pseudonyms, therefore.

As the reader will know, the EDL is notorious for having associations with the Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik, which is no doubt precisely why Risdon writes under the name “Peter Pedant,” so as not to appear too schizophrenic since his other cyberspace Avatar, “Freeborn John,” has entirely different political views!

This total intellectual confusion may well account for why he finds it very difficult to be consistent in his excuses for his various crimes and his grassing.

The EDL should perhaps be more cautious when it comes to who it allows into its ranks. Peter Risdon is a notorious police informer, albeit low level, and the authors of this site would bet money that he will have passed any information regarding organisations such as the EDL on to the authorities.

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