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As Exhibit 50 shows, Risdon was disqualified from being a Company Director in 2003.

This disqualification related to his period as Director of two companies: ‘Glasir Ltd’ and ‘The Circle Squared Ltd.’

Needless to say this was not mentioned in any of the ‘explanations’ Peter Risdon has given about his past on a number of blogs, including his own website.

In fact, it is only when he is ambushed in a dialogue on one particular blog (See
Exhibit 52) that we first hear of it.

Risdon’s excuses are typical of the man:

a)It was all a mere peccadillo
b)It was all really someone else’s fault, namely another director “who was responsible for financial admin.”

Reproduced below are the relevant extracts from the blog in question (See
Exhibit 52) and they sum up the position well:

Risdon:  Sure, I'm coming to the end of a ban as a company director - I was director of two firms that went into liquidation with crown debts and poor record filing histories. The DTI's solicitors initially asked for a six year ban, but then accepted another director was responsible for financial admin and reduced this to four and a half - within the five year guideline for 'minor' infractions. What of it? …

Trucker: … He tries to shunt the blame onto him for his dodgy dealings just as he has sought to pass the blame onto 'another director' who was 'responsible for financial admin' in respect of his latest success story.
Classic Risdon. A coward through and through who cannot accept responsibility for anything he does.
The DTI do not simply ban people like that for mere nothings, Tim, as we all know.
So what's the betting that there'll be a report from the DTI regarding his disqualification? And what's the betting that (Peter Risdon) won't post it? Another challenge for him, therefore: post that report....
Trucker (Subsequent posting) : As you know, Tim, we have asked Peter Risdon several times now to post the report into the circumstances regarding his ban as a company director, assuming, correctly as it happens, that such a report will in fact have been made.
Typically, Risdon has avoided the challenge.
A little investigation shows that an Unfit Conduct Report was indeed filed against Risdon in respect of Glasir Ltd, a company of which he was a director and which went into liquidation on 15th November 2002.
However, it appears that we may have been a little too charitable in our original assessment for, not only does it seem that there exists ONE report into Risdon’s less than upright conduct as a company director, but that in fact at least TWO such reports exist.
For a little digging shows that ANOTHER Unfit Conduct Report was filed against Risdon in respect of The Circle Squared Ltd – a company of which Risdon was also a director and which also went into liquidation on 27th June 2001.
Nor does the story end there, for we find that Risdon’s illustrious record as a company director extends further back in time to Willowpell Ltd which was put into compulsory liquidation on 10th July 1991 and also to Electronic Techniques and Services Ltd which likewise was put into compulsory liquidation on 19th March 1991.
And here are a few snippets from the affidavit of Risdon’s business partner (‘Tom’) regarding his business practices in relation to these last two aforementioned companies:

  1. “I produce as Exhibit “BMCL/1” a copy of Form ED1AHD, which is the Official Receiver’s report containing summary of the Statement of Affairs as at 19 March 1991, the date of the Winding-up Order, submitted by Peter Risdon. I should add that in my view, the reason for the failure of the Company was not, as Risdon apparently stated at Paragraph 6, the failure of its principle source of business, but rather Risdon’s failure to pay the Company’s creditors despite the fact that the Company or Risdon (the two were interchangeable, as the transactions of the Company were mainly cash based) had enough money to pay its creditors.
    Risdon seemed to take delight in not paying his debts and forcing suppliers out of business.”
  2. “I also know that Risdon drew money out by forging my signature. Money went from the Company’s bank account and Risdon must have forged my signature as we were both on the mandate.”
  3. “Willowpell Ltd was then set up and Risdon became a director. Risdon rang me up about doing an insurance job on Willowpell. He said we could make money together and empty Willowpell. By then, however, I thought that Risdon was totally mad, and could not keep his mind on any particular goal.”
  4. “Risdon stole an Olivetti computer from a Company called “Kesperry Ltd” who had previously rented the offices at Tabbard Street. I produce as Exhibit “BMCL/9” a business card of that Company. Risdon took the computer when Kesperry left the offices, and Kesperry never found out that it was Risdon who had stolen it. Risdon told them that the removal van had taken it. I know that he also took that computer with him to Willowpell.”

Etc etc etc …
Hardly the glittering business career of Risdon’s bosom pal Lord Harris of High
Cross, is it?
And his excuse for all these fiascos?
The same excuse he always gives.
The same excuse he gave for his attempted diamond fraud; the same excuse he gave for his involvement in DG and BM’s New York heist (“I woz framed!”);
The same excuse he gives for the failures of his personal life:
“It was all someone ELSE’s fault.”
Of course it was...
… By now Tim you should be in no doubt about just what an appalling hypocrite and fantasist Peter Risdon is.
The self-proclaimed champion of free speech who is in fact an avid fan of censorship when it comes to concealing his own grubby past.
And so it is that we ask him once again to publish:
The two Unfit Conduct Reports regarding his company directorships…

...Freeborn John, especially if he has nothing to hide, should have little difficulty with this.
So let him show these things to us.
Before someone else does...
Trucker (Subsequent posting) : ... No surprises that Peter Risdon has failed to meet our latest challenges, Tim...
...Anyway, we have the report into the circumstances surrounding Risdon’s disqualification as a company director. In particular we have a copy of an affidavit signed by Risdon himself, (which we will post in due course along with the other material), entitled: ‘Form of disqualification undertaking.’ Without boring you with the details this form constitutes a sort of ‘guilty plea’ in proceedings brought by the authorities against Risdon.
Appended to that form is a ‘schedule of unfit conduct to the disqualification undertaking given by Peter William Risdon’ in respect of Glasir Ltd and The Circle Squared Limited.
It makes interesting reading.
Remember the story so far, Tim:
In his truly ridiculous website Risdon has set himself up as a defender of the truth and of the people’s freedoms. Rather snootily he has sniffed at the likes of ‘the now disgraced Clive Goodman.’
In his various ‘explanations’ given on a variety of blogs he has conveniently overlooked a past that, to put it at its politest, constitutes a catalogue of disgrace, incompetence and informing to various authorities. Above all cowardice and pettiness are the features of his ‘career.’
When confronted with the evidence of his disqualification as a company director on this blog, Risdon came up with two excuses:
It was all a mere peccadillo and
It was the fault of one of his colleagues, who was responsible for ‘admin.’
Sorry, but the evidence suggests otherwise.
In fact, the very first admissions Risdon makes in his affidavit are:
“I (not anyone else, but I, Peter Risdon) caused Circle to trade in breach of its statutory obligations to the Crown Departments etc” and
“From the date of my appointment as a director on 19 November 2000, I (not anyone else, but I, Peter Risdon) caused or allowed Glasir to trade in breach of its statutory obligations to the Crown Departments etc”
The details are too many to list here and you’ll be able to read them for yourself, Tim. However, as a taster, incredibly, not only did Glasir fail to register for PAYE, for example, but traded for a full 26 months without making a single payment or return to the Inland Revenue.
In other words, this was no ‘peccadillo’, a question of Risdon being a little late in filing a couple of returns, this was a question of someone, from the very outset and throughout the life of the company, deliberately siphoning off moneys due to the Revenue. Likewise, with the company’s VAT. Quoting Risdon’s own words: “No payments whatsoever were made against the quarters ending 02/02; 05/02; 08/02 and 11/02.” Again, moneys that he had received from his VAT supplies and which he was supposed to pass on to the Customs and Excise were simply siphoned off.
In a nutshell, there was a total deficiency in respect of The Circle Squared of 137,141 and of 138,414 in respect of Glasir.
All of which is entirely consistent with Risdon's former business partner's descriptions of his business practices, as you will see for yourself, Tim.
In fact, what is so amazing is not that Risdon was simply disqualified but that he didn’t go to jail as well. You may speculate as to why...”

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